Welcome to Diagnostiek voor U

All our exams are by appointment only

All medical exams performed by Diagnostiek voor U are by appointment only. Most exams can easily be scheduled online. If you want to make an appointment for blood sampling followed by a different type of exam or for a pregnancy ultrasound, multiple ultrasound exams or a combination of multiple exams, you can call us at 088 - 21 41 149.

You do not need an appointment to drop off medical samples

You do not have to schedule an appointment to drop off medical samples such as a urine or stool sample or other materials for laboratory research. To drop off your medical samples, you can visit one of our locations during opening hours.

Note that some exams, such as semen analysis, do require an appointment to drop off your sample. If that is the case, it is mentioned in the description of the exam.

Convenient parking

Most of our locations have ample bicycle and car parking facilities available. Parking is usually free.

Results of your exam

After conducting your exam or taking a sample of your blood, we will get to work right away. The caregiver who ordered your exam will receive the results digitally in their electronic patient record within a few working days. You can check the results yourself via the MijnDiagnostiekvoorU client portal. Your caregiver will discuss the results with you.