Exclusion of Liability

Diagnostiek voor U's website provides clients, visitors, professionals and other interested parties with information on the latest news and developments at Diagnostiek voor U. Although we are committed to updating the information on the website and ensuring that this information is correct, the website may still contain outdated, inaccurate or false information. No rights can therefore be derived from the information contained in diagnostiekvooru.nl. Diagnostiek voor U is not liable for any form of direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, arising from the use of diagnostiekvooru.nl or the temporary unavailability of the site.


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Information Security

The security of its ICT systems and the information they contain is of paramount importance to Diagnostiek voor U. That is why Diagnostiek voor U takes the greatest possible care to protect the website and its ICT systems against unauthorised access by individuals and/or viruses, (spam) bots and other digital threats. If you believe an IT security incident has occurred, please contact DvU-CERT, our Computer Emergency Response Team. For more information about the CERT and how to reach out, please read our CERT profile.

Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)

If you find a vulnerability in our systems, please report it so that we can take appropriate action. Our Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) outlines how we can work together to remedy any vulnerabilities and how we deal with vulnerabilities once they have been detected. To report a vulnerability, please send an email to responsibledisclosure@z-cert.nl.


Emails sent by Diagnostiek voor U contain information that is intended solely for the addressee. Use of this information by anyone other than the addressee is not permitted, nor is the reproduction, disclosure, provision and/or distribution of this information. Diagnostiek voor U does not guarantee that regular emails are transmitted correctly, completely and on time.