Waiting times

We would like to help you as soon as possible and do everything in our power to keep waiting times as short as possible. You can find the current average waiting times for each test via the link below. The waiting times mentioned here are based on working days only.

How do we calculate waiting times?

The waiting time is the number of working days between the reference date and the date of the third appointment option in the digital calendar system. The reference date can be found at the bottom of the Waiting Times overview.

Waiting time mediation

If the waiting time is too long for you, please contact us or your health insurer to inquire about waiting time mediation. With your health insurer’s support, you may be able to get an appointment sooner.

Current situation

Waiting times may currently be longer than what you are used to, due to the exceptional circumstances surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

The ‘Treek’ Standard

Healthcare providers and health insurers have made agreements about maximum acceptable waiting times, known as the ‘Treek’ standard. The ‘Treek’ standard for access to diagnostic testing is: 28 days (four weeks).