Pathology - the final piece of the laboratory diagnostics puzzle

Pathology - the final piece of the laboratory diagnostics puzzle

Diagnostiek voor U can now proudly say that it can provide all primary lab diagnostics services in-house. In addition to clinical chemistry and medical microbiology (infection diagnostics), we can now also perform pathological tests, while clinical chemistry and some medical microbiology analyses are performed in our Eindhoven lab. Having partnered up with several major Dutch labs specialising in medical microbiology and pathology, we can now offer the whole gamut of laboratory diagnostics.

Easily accessible

We have a fully fledged team of specialists on hand for clinical chemistry, medical microbiology and for pathology, all of whom can easily be reached for interspecialty coordination and consultation. Now that we offer a full range of services, GPs have easy access to a one-stop-shop for regional diagnostics: All samples are collected by the same party, all sampling materials can be ordered in the same way, and there is a single liaison for any questions they may have.

Requests and results

Physicians can easily request pathology tests for patients via ZorgDomein, with all results being reported in Edifact as standard. Click here for more information about pathology tests and lead times.