Full diagnostic data exchange with hospitals

Full diagnostic data exchange with hospitals

If a patient is referred to Catharina Hospital, Maxima MC or Anna Hospital after a test or exam performed by Diagnostiek voor U, healthcare professionals in these hospitals can access all diagnostics in the electronic health record, including lab results from Diagnostiek voor U, with the patient’s consent. As a result, they won’t have to undergo unnecessary testing in the hospital all over again.

Diagnostiek voor U, Catharina Hospital, Máxima MC and Anna Hospital have a digital network for the exchange of diagnostic data with patient consent. While sharing radiographic images and scans has long been common practice, it is now also possible to share the results of other diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic results available directly

To this end, a standardised network has been set up that allows healthcare facilities to securely view medical documents and images, eliminating the need for sharing images and reports electronically or by DVD and saving a lot of time and effort in the process. With these developments, these four healthcare organisations in Southeast Brabant are at the cutting edge of diagnostics exchange.


It is up to the patient to decide whether or not to provide insight into their diagnostic results in participating hospitals. You can do so by updating your consent preferences in MijnDiagnostiekvoorU, our client portal. Patients who have not yet formally given consent will be asked to give their consent to Diagnostiek voor U and notify the hospital. Not only is this the most efficient approach, but it also ensures that the patient stays in control.