Contracts with all health insurers

Contracts with all health insurers

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that there have been several reports about insurance issues with various healthcare providers in Southeast Brabant, including regional hospitals and pharmacies.

News reports state that as of 1 January 2023, contracts are yet to be finalised with several insurers, including VGZ and CZ, potentially forcing patients to pay for healthcare out of pocket.

Diagnostiek voor U Has Insurance Contracts for All Primary Care Diagnostics

In 2023, Diagnostiek voor U extended its contracts with all health insurers for all primary care diagnostics, laboratory tests and functional or imaging tests. As a result, all costs for all our diagnostic services are 100% covered by all insurance companies.

In the coming years, we will join forces with Anna hospital and Elkerliek to coordinate first-line diagnostics in the Southeast Brabant region for healthcare insurer VGZ. We see this as a token of VGZ’s confidence in our high-quality services and couldn’t be any more proud!

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For more information about the contracts that VGZ and CZ has with healthcare facilities near you, visit the VGZ or CZ website. Healthcare providers will also be notified in ZorgDomein of any treatments that are not covered.