Clientportal MijnDiagnostiekvoorU

MijnDiagnostiekvoorU is the digital client portal of Diagnostiek voor U. The client portal contains an overview of the personal information we have concerning you and your exams.

You can use the client portal to:

  • Schedule an appointment for an exam online. You can use the “Appointment” button for this.
  • Check, change or cancel your scheduled appointments via the “Scheduled appointments” button.
  • Check the results of your exams.
  • Read more about what to do to prepare for an exam.
  • Complete surveys that form part of your exam.
  • Consult your own medical information.
  • Consent to the sharing of your medical information with other caregivers if necessary.

You can use the MijnDiagnostiekvoorU client portal to check the results of laboratory research (blood, urine, stool and STD tests) and pathological examinations. You can also check the results of all other exams via the portal.

Logging in

You can log in to the client portal with DigiD. DigiD is short for Digital Identity; it is a shared system that the government uses to verify your identify online. More and more institutions are using DigiD to verify the identity of their clients.

More information about DigiD can be found here. You can request your DigiD at

We want to make sure your personal data are secure. For that reason, you can only log in yourself with your personal DigiD and an additional verification via text message or the DigiD app. To access your client portal and consult your medical information, Diagnostiek voor U must have your identity on record. Once we receive the examination order from your caregiver, you will be added to our systems and can use your DigiD to log in. This usually takes no more than forty-eight hours.

Can I log in for someone else via DigiD?
If you want to view the medical data and/or want to schedule or change an appointment as an authorized representative, you can log in to 'Authorize DigiD' with your own DigiD. Logging in is possible if the authorization has been arranged with the government and the patient is 17 years or older. For more information:

Are you making an appointment for your child?
If your child does not have a DigiD yet, please request a DigiD before scheduling an appointment. For more information, visit and go to the ‘For your child’ section.

Appointment for blood sampling

At the moment, it is not yet possible to schedule an appointment for blood sampling via your client portal. You can use the Appointment for blood sampling button instead.

Giving consent

Via the client portal, you can easily give your consent to allow us to share your medical information with other caregivers (other than your own caregiver from whom we received the examination order). With your consent, we can also share your results with the specialist in the hospital, if you are referred to one. All data are shared digitally, quickly and securely. You can give your consent by checking the box in the client portal when scheduling an appointment for an exam. Alternatively, you can do so via telephone or in person.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any further questions about the MijnDiagnostiekvoorU client portal? Take a look at our frequently asked questions. You can also contact our Client Contact department by calling (088 - 21 41 149) or filling out the contact form.